Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Joshlinn is here!

Well I'm here. I came in quietly and am the best thing since sliced bread! Oh and as you can see, I make a great study partner.

 My foster sister is studying medical terminology and I'm an expert. So i decided to help (she's not the brightest bulb in the pack in my opinion so she needs my help).
So here you can also see my beautiful ear. My foster family laughs at that ear but you know what? It is documented to show intelligence. That's why my foster sister asked me to help.

So let's talk about me, because that's why you're here right? I'll be 4 years old in December and would love to be a lap dog...I try regularly. If complete park on the lap isn't possible, I'm content to just stuff my nose into your arm! And I give kisses :)

So during the day my foster family is gone and you know what?  I use a muzzle to make sure I don't get myself into trouble. Even better they have three birds and a cat! The birds are neat but the cat.....she smacks me. My foster mother says she's playing. I'm still scared though! Ok and last but not least.....I can go up steps!!! Going down is a little scary but I'm getting there. Better yet I sleep through the night, but boy when my people get up wooo hoo is it a squeaky toy / stuffy party! 

So anyway if you're interested in having me interview you for a possible adoption, please contact Greyhound Rescue and let them know you'd like to make an appointment with me.  From there I'll check my availability on my calendar.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Cindy is here!

Hi folks.  It's me Cyndi Lauper....because Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Right?!!   Ok it's not Cyndi Lauper it's Cindy Loo Whoo from Horton Hears a Who. Alright's Wills Cindy. Now doesn't that sound stupid? and that I am not! I am smart as a whip and really making myself comfortable here.  Rumor has it my foster mom doesn't like the young female greyhounds, but guess what?  This 20 month old babe that I am has changed that, and let me tell you why....

Well I arrived here last Sunday, Just in time to get ready for the holiday weekend.  I was pretty shy the first day but since these people talk really funny to me and pet my head and kiss me I decided to open up.  So here's the list of my fantastic qualities:

  • I figured out the stairs...not sure what the big deal is.  The old fart greyhound, my foster brother who is 13 can't even do them anymore.  he has to be carried up.  How pathetic!
  • I am housebroken.....I am left all day while these people disappear for about 6 hours and what do you know, I never pee in the house....that's gross.
  • I walk pretty nicely on a leash.
  • I sleep in my human foster sister's room on a bed- she does put up a gate so I don't wander.
  • I love rawhide chippies, and STUFFIES!!!!  Wow there were some in the backyard and I just whipped through the yard like the greyhound that I am :)
  • I now know my name!  Yes sirreeee, I'm Cindy and if you call me you're probably thinking of giving me food, kisses or something great.
So here's the downside.....get it is......I'm a pig when I eat.  I shovel a whole bunch of food in my mouth then cough it all over the kitchen floor and then walk around picking it up.  I don't think the other two dogs here know what to think of that.  The people just laugh.  It's so embarrassing.

So anyway, mom got a picture or two of me.  I'm prettier than the pictures show.  My ears also turn inside out when I run in the yard and I have a fantastic tuxedo on my chest.  My paws have dainty white tips to them and my tail does too.  Other than that I'm little and sleek and BLACK!!!  Oh and the picture in the tub, well when I arrived I decided that that was where I wanted to start out.  So I jumped in.  Since then I've discovered other areas to make myself cozy.