Friday, May 25, 2018

I found my forever home!

So I was just sitting down to brag about my conquering of the steps and how well I was sleeping at night, and bam! In comes this fabulous family!

I wasn't sure what to think. There was a little girl and a lady and a man. For some reason the little girl was a bit scared. Her dad was a great petter, so I just stuck to him. We went for a stroll down the street; me leaning against their legs. Then it was love at first sight.... it was all over then.

I just knew I could shmooze my way into her heart and she would take me home. You can see it in her eyes, can't you?

For all of you who missed out on me, I am so sorry. You gotta grab the hot stuff while you can! Check with Denise, maybe she has some more handsomeness at her place!

Monday, May 21, 2018

Best sleep ever!

Hi Friends-

So last night I had the best night's sleep ever, that is until my foster mom woke me up at 3 AM. She had to pee. Good grief what a nuisance! Anyway I acknowledged her and went back to sleep. I also did the steps this morning by myself! 

So as you see above in my debut performance, my foster sister likes me quite a bit. Truth be told I'm rather smitten with her, and the dog in the mirror too. 

Ok it's been a long day. I need to go monitor my people. 

Sunday, May 20, 2018


Do you like to watch the news?

Well I do. As you see here I am quite interested in the news AND I have some news for you! Here we go...
  1. Yesterday mom went out to see a movie and was gone for about 2 1/2 hours. She closed off rooms and put my muzzle on. I get the impression she doesn't trust me, oh well. When she came home, I was sooo happy to see her! and the house remained intact.
  2. I slept in my foster mom's room last night. She put the gate at her door and I had a bed on the floor. I woke her up a couple times, just because. I'm not sure why she wasn't happy to see me 😕
  3. I managed the steps. Going up is easy. Going down, weeeell.... So here's the backstory. Mom was in the kitchen and suddenly opened a door and disappeared. I heard her so I figured she went upstairs somehow. Guess what? She wasn't there! Now I was stuck. My foster brothers ran up the steps and ran down a couple times, but me? I was so scared. Mom had to lead me down. She paced me and my legs shook with fear but I did it....several times much to mom's chagrin.
  4. So now for the bad news. I had a couple accidents in the house. Ok true confessions I peed three times. Mom was not happy. She pushed me out the back door. Not sure why cause I already emptied my bladder. Did I mention, she ain't so smart?
So I ask that you rescue me please. This way we can watch the news together and I can sleep on your bedroom floor!  As you can see below, I'm tired from typing so please call Denise and come visit me!

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Good Day! So glad to be here!

Arrival Day!

So I have arrived! I'm so embarrassed though. My foster mom, she's not the brightest bulb in the pack. She actually took and posted the picture from the car and IT LOOKS LIKE I HAVE NO EARS! I guess I'm stuck with her for a bit though, huh? (Please come rescue me from her)

Well I've only been here for about an hour and had to wipe my paws off in order to type this. As you see below, there's a better picture of me on the drive home doing my dogly duties of sniffing the air out of the car window. I approved of all the smells and finally settled down. 

So since I've been home I met another greyhound and a little black and white ...I guess dog. He's kinda obnoxious but he seems to be friendly and know the ropes around here. I've already figured out the porch steps. Kinda had to, it was raining and I wanted IN! 
So I've sniffed just about everything on the first floor and drunk a whole lot of water. My foster mom keeps kissing me. She's called me a couple different names too. My official name is JA's Silver, but she called me "Jay", "JJ" and then called me "Beck" which is really funny since her name is Becky. Yup, she ain't too bright. Anyway, I think she's gonna call me Jay. She calls me that and I sniff her and she kisses me and my teeth chatter with excitement.

Ok, gotta go. need to check out some more of this place.
I'll post more pictures later.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Need clerical support?

Hey Kelly Girl!!!
So the temporary clerical is here! I even take shorthand. 
So I am a special gal and need a special home. I have a shortened tail from over wagging and that makes it go even faster!!

So beyond taking a memo I can manage the steps, sleep through the night, and walk on the leash. I can also hold down the couch like a pro. I'm still a little shy around people and eating my food, but I love my foster brother Bert and the cat as well. 

So if you need temporary clerical help, a wonderful wagging tail and a smile for miles, call Denise and tell her that your office needs this special grey!
(Here I am keeping the couch in place)

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Kimmie is here!

Good Morning Friends...everyone is a friend to me! My name is Kimmie and I am two years old. My foster mom and foster brothers aren't quite sure what to think about me. I am a love bug and want to be WHEREVER you are. You need to use the bathroom?  I'm there. You want to watch TV?  
Well I'll watch with you. In fact last night I thought that maybe I could just get into the TV. Mom told me I couldn't though so I just decided I'd lay down instead. 

So here are my redeeming qualities which are many by the way....

  • I can do steps! 
  • I've started to learn "no"
  • I have no problem getting into your bed....(mom said her policy was no fosters in bed with her. I helped her change her mind because she said she just needed sleep!)
  • I like my foster brothers
  • I didn't try to eat the birds
  • The cat is really cool and she and I are friends! I love friends :)
  • I go potty outside (mom lets me out all the time)
  • I didn't tear up the house when mom went out for an hour last night

So if you can't resist this sweet face, please contact Denise and tell her that I'll adopt you. By the way, are you housebroken?

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Joshlinn is here!

Well I'm here. I came in quietly and am the best thing since sliced bread! Oh and as you can see, I make a great study partner.

 My foster sister is studying medical terminology and I'm an expert. So i decided to help (she's not the brightest bulb in the pack in my opinion so she needs my help).
So here you can also see my beautiful ear. My foster family laughs at that ear but you know what? It is documented to show intelligence. That's why my foster sister asked me to help.

So let's talk about me, because that's why you're here right? I'll be 4 years old in December and would love to be a lap dog...I try regularly. If complete park on the lap isn't possible, I'm content to just stuff my nose into your arm! And I give kisses :)

So during the day my foster family is gone and you know what?  I use a muzzle to make sure I don't get myself into trouble. Even better they have three birds and a cat! The birds are neat but the cat.....she smacks me. My foster mother says she's playing. I'm still scared though! Ok and last but not least.....I can go up steps!!! Going down is a little scary but I'm getting there. Better yet I sleep through the night, but boy when my people get up wooo hoo is it a squeaky toy / stuffy party! 

So anyway if you're interested in having me interview you for a possible adoption, please contact Greyhound Rescue and let them know you'd like to make an appointment with me.  From there I'll check my availability on my calendar.