Saturday, September 12, 2015

Kimmie is here!

Good Morning Friends...everyone is a friend to me! My name is Kimmie and I am two years old. My foster mom and foster brothers aren't quite sure what to think about me. I am a love bug and want to be WHEREVER you are. You need to use the bathroom?  I'm there. You want to watch TV?  
Well I'll watch with you. In fact last night I thought that maybe I could just get into the TV. Mom told me I couldn't though so I just decided I'd lay down instead. 

So here are my redeeming qualities which are many by the way....

  • I can do steps! 
  • I've started to learn "no"
  • I have no problem getting into your bed....(mom said her policy was no fosters in bed with her. I helped her change her mind because she said she just needed sleep!)
  • I like my foster brothers
  • I didn't try to eat the birds
  • The cat is really cool and she and I are friends! I love friends :)
  • I go potty outside (mom lets me out all the time)
  • I didn't tear up the house when mom went out for an hour last night

So if you can't resist this sweet face, please contact Denise and tell her that I'll adopt you. By the way, are you housebroken?